‘Cure for cancer is on the horizon’,


uh-huh… ‘politician criticizes doctor as out of
reach’ okay, In three hundred thirty thousand pounds down the drain in the bank
What do we mean by ‘drain down’? Drain below means something
Completely ruined. Don’t worry when you read such phrases you get confused
Newspaper? This is our theme for the day. Today we are learning idioms from newspaper
And you can live with me, my name is Michelle and we are going to wrap this topic up once and forever.
So here we are with the idioms of the newspaper which I have shared with you
Start of lesson. So there was a lot in the newspaper I was reading this morning
Interesting words and idioms that I have extracted especially for you so that we can cover
Find out more in this lesson about what they mean. So the first news I read was
A doctor, well that’s why politicians “dull” doctors due to delayed treatment.
Slapping now means heavily criticizing someone, okay? To slack means to criticize heavily.
So politicians were slowed down by doctors due to delayed treatment, which means that
Doctors do not know how much damage patients suffer when treatment is delayed.
The reason is that the politicians slapped the doctors because they said that the doctors were
“Beyond reach”. Now out of touch means that they are not aware of recent developments
In the field of medicine. Therefore out of touch means unaware of recent developments. Okay
So the doctors are out of touch and that’s why they were slapped by the politician.
Okay, so just you should know again that it means criticism and another means to be ignorant.
Or being out of touch. We have the next “down the drain”. So i read this idiom
On the newspaper’s economic page or the newspaper’s business page where they occur
Let’s talk about the economy worldwide or in a specific country. So I read that three
Hundred and thirty thousand pounds were under the drain. So what does that mean? three hundred
And thirty thousand pounds were down the drain, that means, that money was wasted.
So this money was down the drain because of bank scolding. Okay
Now the drain below means something is ruined, so you know where the drain is
Waste water goes, just like when we say something down the drain means
That it becomes useless, goes waste. Ok now next we have something
“Falls on deaf ears”. What happens when something falls on deaf ears? Nobody’s hearing
Them, okay? So nobody will listen to anyone’s complaint. I read this while they were talking
A country where people requested that their building should not be destroyed
His request fell on deaf ears, meaning nobody listened to his plea and took no action.
Was taken So falling on deaf ears means a request that goes unheard. So while i was studying
The business page that has come up in this phrase is “start-ups”, okay? So it said
The recession is facing a major problem. now what
Are start-ups? Start-up small business set-ups are precisely what the market is aiming for,
Okay? They are trying to make money through the market at that time and they
Small businesses are set-up. So according to the news headline it said that the start-ups
The recession is facing a lot of problem. So a start-up means a small business
Well, as I told you there were some people who were making a plea, who were raising
There is a request that his buildings should not be destroyed but his request fell to the deaf
Kan which means nobody heard them and no action was taken and their buildings were
Really destroyed. So their houses where they were staying were just destroyed for some
Other buildings that were to be built in that area. So what happened
As a result they “took to the streets” meaning they started protesting
The government had raised slogans and had placards and placards in their hands and
Were they to fix the requests? They were very angry and excited. So at that time they
Were protesting against the government. So when we say someone has taken to the streets
Or taking to the streets meant that they were demonstrating against the government.


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