Family goes out to meet daddy Oh, I was so worried why didn’t you come?


Why did i send you another telegram
That i won’t be able to make it
What wire till this morning
I don’t get any elizabeth you did
Get one
No mom not at all
Billy Billy
I’m very sorry mother
I don’t know how i forgot
I’m so sorry
How rude you were
We all
Worried mother became unwell
Your carelessness
I’m really disappointed in you and
This is how Billy did his garden patch
It is destroyed
Billy had no answer to his father
Just hung his head
Luck is a shame at that moment
His friend john went in
Hello everyone billy how
Brunch with me tomorrow at 12 o’clock.
We will have our lunch on the hill and
have a picnic
Billy was very happy at the prospect and
Quickly forgot about your vegetable
Patch i would love a picnic with that
Friend there was nothing billy forgot
So the next morning Billy woke up early
Put on clothes
She had a small picnic basket
Billy forgot himself
Don’t forget to buy some chocolate
And makes the previous day shrill
And at the right time he went out
Her friend’s house
Full of anticipation she rang the bell
Friend’s grandfather
Opened the door ah billy what can i do
Young for you
A good day was invited by Grandpa John
Me for picnic brunch today
Is she not well dressed yet?
To know
Out of brunch donna and anything about that
Gonna be out all day
But he invited me himself he didn’t
I mention about going out
Oh i think john must have forgotten
Sad billy started walking back home
But the good thing was that daddy
He’ll spend the day back
He ran home playing with daddy
But to his surprise only Cook Jake
Was in
Where is everyone jake
Why did they go on picnics
the mountain
They won’t come back tomorrow
Nobody said a word about me
I think maybe they forgot
to tell you
Billy was sad he couldn’t bear
Go indoors
So he sat in his patch of garden
That wasted
Now because he forgot to stop
The gate
Suddenly a yellow hammer bird came and
Knocked on his head
And that’s hard on oh hard
cut it out
There’s a big hole and i don’t
Looks like he wants it modified
Hill you need to repair you know
What pear repair
There will be a big hole in your head and
Just talk
Get away from it
Gets pierced in my head
What things fall through
Things you have to make promises
You just do
Go through that hole in your head
Are you scolding me in school 2
And mom and dad and Elizabeth too
Why did they forget
You should do as you do billy
Things you’re so angry about
You did those things
Thousand times people
Trust you sometimes
Natural but forget all the time
It’s just plain wrong
I know i was so mean
Mean and selfish and unbelievable
My family must hate someone’s family
Hates them
They love you and this is the time you show
But you love them too
I promise i will always remember things
What i promised people
Never pronounce those words
I forgot and if i think i am
Forget something
I pinch myself now it’s a plan
Oh the best
And Billy wasted no time in running
Indoor cleaning
Neatly laid table for all mail
And said jake what time do you take
Mom and dad and lizzie can come back
We make something good for them
And i think i should make a bigger card
Telling them
Sorry how irresponsible i have been
Then Billy saw a beautiful scene
Mom dad elizabeth and john
Leave the inner room
Billy daddy mom
John are you all here
You didn’t leave we can leave you
Billy it was Lizzie’s idea and we are
Glad to know that you have finally
Realized what it feels like
Others disappoint you mom was right
Billy finally realizes and
The moment Billy changed himself
Billy becomes Billy’s care
Care so much that soon everyone


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