And left the hut after days of living lost in the woods


And left the hut after days of living
lost in the woods
He finally came to a city he asked for
Audience with the king
Hoping to get some work with
Raj Bhavan
Your high i’m a learned person
And I can be of service to you if you
Please agree to test my skills
I offer this to you as a humble gift
My most prized possession
Dad this is my favorite place
You can see almost the whole forest
From here
Ah it’s beautiful
Suddenly out of the woods
Covered with fog
So fat that even the king could not
See your hands
When the fog cleared after a few minutes
The princess had disappeared
My daughter my princess where are you
Where are you angel
Pearl that will be my daughter’s tears
Turned into
Where did you get it
Tell me have you seen him where he is
I’m looking for my daughter
three years
Not a clue i’ve got him
I don’t know where you are
Is princess
But i can take you to the old lady who
Gave me this book
If you don’t mind your glory then let me go
Ride there first
And to find the right road
Reach the hut atop the hill
When you arrive
My best horse
And we won’t be away yet
So it was dark ahead but the count fell
By then he reached the forest
My child back in the old woman’s hut
The moon goes out into the river
Oh, is that so
You come back so soon i know what happened
On the river
Don’t worry darling go in and shed
It’s time
You go my baby did very well
Goose in as princess
The count reached there and so
And queen
I saw the princess came here
She was turned into a swan
But now he is back
Here she is your queen
Did you lead here for your daughter
Heard the tears that turned into pearls
As you said
I’m sorry to be
Conceited your daughter has inherited
You have no ego
I’ve really tested it
Never mind you take care of me
And i care about you as my daughter
Understand what you said
The king who was arrogant brings him
Ruining his people and his kingdom
Pride is the enemy of good and
This lesson was necessary for all of us
You are really a beautiful soul princess
I’m sorry O king, what you had to learn
Such a bitter lesson
But an arrogant king can only bring ruin
For his people
Pride is the enemy of good and
I now understand my rare treasure
Tears were not pearls but
And thank you for the lesson you taught us
I leave you i bless you
Never find reasons to cry
No matter what happens in your life
Heart will get reasons
King and queen be happy
Finally returned
Was counted with noble princess
Appointed as courtier in royal court
And he and the princess turned out amazing
Spend hours together doing good
People of the state
Much to the delight of the proud king
And queen


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