Once upon a time, there used to be a farmer who is very poor


And his earning is complete
All his needs.
One fine evening
After returning from work,
He was very hungry.
Ooh, what should I cook tonight?
Only then
He heard a chicken,
By sneaking out of his hut.
That chicken
Will make a real good treat for me.
(Hen’s voice)
With a little effort,
The farmer caught the chicken.
Since he was about to kill the chicken,
Hen howl
please do not kill me.
I will help you.
What is this ?
A hen that can speak?
Ah ok
I will not kill you.
But, how can you help me, please let me know.
If you leave me dead
I will put a golden egg for you every day
what ?
A golden egg?
That too every day?
But why should I believe in you now?
Maybe you are lying to me?
Trust me please
If I don’t put a golden egg tomorrow,
You can kill me
I will wait till tomorrow.
The farmer kept the chicken aside,
Without killing it.
Next morning,
As soon as the farmer got up,
He went to the chicken
To find out if it is kept
Any golden egg.
Oh, is that so!
Is this true?


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