Then you will also protect yourself from stress To tie it every morning.


Number 13, easy on positive thinking,
This can make you feel more depressed.
You know the feeling you’re having a bad day
And someone tries to help by telling you
Seeing the bright side or having a positive attitude.
If you find it annoying rather than helpful,
You are not alone
Studies have provided positive thinking
Only slight improvement in mood for those
With high self-esteem.
With low self-esteem,
Really felt bad.
Probably because there is nothing more frustrating
Compared to a fake cheer when you’re having a rough day.
Many people actually felt better when making a list
Negative things about yourself.
This can happen because once you identify your faults,
You can work to improve them.
Number 12, masturbation promotes a healthy sex drive.
There is good news for the porn industry.
Masturbation is very healthy,
As it turns out, showing a little love is not only
Temporarily present, it can also help you have better sex.
Life in general, more often you have orgasm,
The more your body produces the hormones that increase libido.
Director of Sexual Health Doctor Darius Paduch
At Well Cornell Medical College,
Showed that in his patients,
This leads to a higher sex drive.
Number 11, beware of the smell of the new car
And open those windows.
Many people love that new car,
So much so that it is also sold as a variety of air fresheners.
But the real thing is good
Can actually be bad for your health.
There is plastic inside the new car,
Adhesives and fabrics and when they are concentrated
In a small place, like a new vehicle,
They can release harmful gases,
Especially in high temperatures.
As much as you love that new car,
It is very healthy to roll windows
And let it escape, especially in hot weather.
Number 10, yogic breathing improves lung function
And blood flow to the brain.
Pranayama looks like something you can order
The city in that new Indian restaurant
But this is actually a yoga breathing principle,
Yoga is normally healthy, but if you don’t have time
To turn yourself into a pretzel,
You can still benefit from Pranayama.
This technique brings more oxygen to the blood and brain.
And it can improve lung function,
Just don’t take any deep, calm breaths in your new car.
Number nine, get a pet.
If you already have a pet, then you probably know your beloved
Friends can help reduce stress.
Many studies have shown that a pet has a low blood pressure,
And may also reduce the risk of depression.
Alzheimer’s seniors are less worried
When an animal shares its home.
Dog walking is also a good exercise
But your pet does not have to be relaxed and have four legs.
An aquarium is shown watching fish swim
Just as the rest!
Number eight, gardening reduces stress
And symptoms of depression.
Another good way to relieve stress is to include
Down and dirty is in the garden.
A study in the Netherlands showed that gardening reduces
Better stress than other casual activities
Like reading a book, spending time outside
And away from digital devices, combat stress
And fatigue and meditation too
Reduce the symptoms of depression.
Growing healthy, fresh produce you can eat
And soaking up some vitamin D from the sun, others are
Benefits of outdoor activity.
Number seven, drink that wine.
Wine lovers have good reason to celebrate.
Wine, perhaps with a glass well.
Because the drink is really good for you.
Wines contain polyphenols that reduce risk
Of heart disease and cancer.
They may also have anti bacterial properties.
That strepto are effective against caucus bugs.
Cabernet Sauvignon may also reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s.
Just make sure you don’t drink that much to lose your memory
For a completely different reason.
Alcohol is best enjoyed in moderation.
Number six, bird watching is heart healthy.
Bird watching can seem like a sedentary search
But it can be a really good exercise.
Many bird watchers spend time walking in the forest
Looking for unusual varieties of feathers
Creature, walk two miles for two hours
Can burn about 400 calories
And fresh air and immersion in nature
May also help reduce stress.
Number five, playing a musical instrument.
Even if you are not a musical genius,
There are many health benefits of playing an instrument.
It improves hand eye coordination
And fine motor skills.
Better still, it can increase your IQ by seven points.
And it’s never too late to start.
Both children and adults get brain benefits.
Blood pressure is also lower in adults playing the instrument.
For those who listen to you,
Okay we’ll come back to you on that.
Number four, playing video games.
You must have heard that sitting on a couch and playing
Video games are unhealthy, and have to do all day
On the down side, but playing video games also brings health benefits.
It reduces


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