Was this all anyway?


For most of you it was never about money
Money on a screen is just a piece of paper
Its value is only supported by our belief in its value
From the beginning it was never about money
Paying off the mortgage of your dream car, traveling around the world, no need to worry about your financial situation
This is the freedom you were looking for. Your destination was nothing monetary related
It was a feeling
The ability to do what you want, when you ever want to be mindful of whether I can use it, can I use it?
All my holidays for the year. How do I pay the rent? Will I be able to live with my pension?
What dreams do I have to sacrifice?
Because I never had them pursue the most important lesson from this video about the nature of money
It was about a valuable resource that we all have a resource of
We won’t be able to recover time
A large part of your time is devoted to a job that you might not like
Is your life set to see work at home?
Keep repeating the same cycle until you wake up and retire the next day
How many more hours of your life do you let this pattern slip away?
Or maybe you are ok with that reality
Maybe you have that time to follow and if that’s the case, you have no other choice
There is nothing to worry about that you got some entertainment from this video and maybe there is a change in perspective
But there are those of you who understand the other side that you have the desire to do
Never need to worry about money again. And so I feel the need to remind you
Stop chasing money chasing problems and find solutions to those problems
This is the equation through which you get all the money if you ever desire Liberty through the need to worry about money.
So let’s solve problems and create meaningful conflicts in our lives
Does that mean you will be happy at the end of the road does not mean that you can only answer the question that you will feel
But if your struggle is worthwhile, maybe it’s worth chasing
And your equation for money is
Of course, I miss a lot of intricacies in this video, which is a matter of business money
Entrepreneurship is too big for me to be involved in such a single video
But if you want to start this journey
I recommend you read the works of MJ DeMarco who inspired me a lot to make this video and coming back is also important
One basic point I made at the beginning of this is that most people will not succeed for various reasons
But the most important part is failing
Failing fast and moving on to the next thing and if you are out doing something that is not related to a business
But if you want to earn this money, then ask yourself the question, what problems am I solving?
Can lead you to find better ways
Monetize whatever you are doing and that includes a job and a career if you can solve more problems and find more
Solution at your place of employment. You have something that you can use to avail higher salary.
But I will end it all with the same message that I have repeated many times in this video
Stop chasing money and start chasing solutions to problems
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