This is a big failure right now. I’m gonna turn it all the way,


See if we can really get into it.
[Stephen] Yes, maximum power at this time, maximum power.
Get the chainsaw spinning really fast, drop it,
Slice it all the way.
Are you ready Oh yes.
Max Power, let’s do this.
three two one.
(Machine whirring)
[Stephen] Start it.
Here we go, this time maximum power.
Are you ready
Three, two, one, we go there which I am talking about.
Ok and go in
(Machine whirring and crunching)
Lets go.
There we go, come on.
Cut it open.
go Go go go go!
Oh, is that so!
Come on.
Cut it, is it working?
Uh, okay let’s see if it works.
[Chase] Stephen Anything?
[Stephen] Uh Chase.
He was the maximum power.
[Stephen] It was maximum power.
Look at this thing with a blade!
It is so strong, so big, I don’t understand.
Yes, she is crazy.
there’s no way.
What, it makes no sense.
(Cartoon alarm sounds)
Stephen do we have anything else we can use?
Anything else?
Okay wait.
Wait a second.
Who is that? (Suspense music)
Is anyone there?
I think John is.
[Chase] Hey John?
Where is he coming from
I’m not sure
Looks like there is a road here.
[Stephen] Wait.
I can not see anything.
Oh God!
what is that?
(Honors the horn)
John, what’s that?
How did you find it here too?
Check this out
This is basically a tank, Stephen!
[Stephen] Oh my goodness.
What is this thing?
John found a tank.
OK Sharers, smash Like button.
Just when we thought we weren’t
Unbreakable box to be able to open this thing,
I think we definitely are.
Okay, bring it to the lion’s famine.
Bring it in
Bobcat Tank.
It’s just like a real tank,
This is a dig at the top.
Hey, wow, wow.
Yes, I think it can definitely work.
Yes, just don’t hit any car.
be very careful.
Oh God.
That is fast!
Keep it safe ‘.
This way.
Line it up so that we are ready to go.
Where do i go
Keep coming
(Upbeat music)
Keep coming
Ok no more
not anymore. Go?
No more, no more!
John, John, John!
Oh God!
Stop John!
Oh God.
What did you do, John?
[Stephen] What did you do?
John! what?
Wait what happened?
[Stephen] I said no more.
I thought you said go more.
Did I go over the money box?
I said no John, no more!
You definitely said go more.
No, John, oh my goodness, we didn’t want to
(Electronic jingling)
Wait a second.
nothing happen.
Oh you know what?
This is right.
This is an unbreakable box.
This is good news and it is bad news.
Uh, the bad news is not open.
(Soft funk music)
what are we supposed to do?
I thought if you ran away
This thing is basically a tank.
I think it can open it.
I can’t even imagine what it could be.
Ok hold on.
You were right, end it?
Well not at the time but when I said really go.
Well that was the idea.
Will it run and will it just crush?
Well I don’t know, I figured I’d give it a shot.
Okay hold on, this is not good.
So if that doesn’t work, hurry to check the other side
To ensure that it did not.
Because I thought I heard it crack.
Nothing. No.
[Stephen] Oh my goodness.
Been beaten but okay
Any other ideas out there?


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