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Rocket book smart notebook
Rocket book smart notebook

Today the technology is touching the sky and whole world is enjoying technology but now also we face many problems like:-paper wastage. Everyone of you know that to make paper we have too cut many trees which lead to deforestation.(Rocket book smart notebook)

Now the technology has taken out a idea to solve this problem that is (Smart notebook by Rocket book). Like we know a coin has 2 faces so like this only this smart notebook has advantages and disadvantages.


1.can be reused infinitely.

2.We can write Easily by  Pilot Frixion pens.{which cost 90rs}

3.App for fast and easy scanning.

4.Many cloud services are supported.


1.we have to wait until the ink dry up.

2.not suitable for left handed person.

It has 3 main features which make it really amazing:-

1.It is easily erasable and reusable. can easily digitize these notebooks.

3.It offers a very good writing experience.

This is one of the best selling Rocket book smart notebook of the Rocketbook Everlast. After you complete  writing on a page, you can erase the ink using a clean or damb cloth.So the thing which make it erasable our notes, you need to write with a special pen called pilot Frixion pen. The pen’s ink, combined with the Rocketbook’s surface, lets you erase your writing. This lets you reuse the notebook an  infinite number of times and this solves the problem of paper wasting and cutting of trees also.

you can digitize your notes from any notebook using a scanner app on your device and your phone camera. But the process is generally tough for many but Rocket book smart notebook solves this problemby using QR codes and other special 7 icons.

These QR codes are located at bottom corner of every page which make it easy to scan through several devices. You can scan and save these pages or your work to PDF or JPEG format so you can read it later when you need.

Overall, the Rocketbook offers a “very well and good”writing experience. It’s much better than writing on an iPad with the help of Apple Pencil or writing on just about any kind of tablet by using a stylus. It is 90% easy to write on page or other tablet with stylus.

Three main things which are different from other devices or pages is:-

  1. The Frixion pen we use in writing won’t give us the same consistently dark line as a regular or normal pen on regular paper. However, you can make a line that is almost as good with a bit of practice and some writing experience.
  2. The texture of the paper makes it possible to erase the ink, which is great thing. But as a result, it lacks the same grip and quality which you get when you write on regular paper.
  3. The ink of the Frixion pens takes around 8-10 seconds to dry. This isn’t a big issue or problem, but there is a problem of smudging or splitting  the ink if you rub your arm or hand over the page before the ink dries.

It is veryuseful in todays world.

It is available in many sizes and each size have different prices.which are as follows:-

1.Mini- $16{1,214 INR}

2.executive-$30{2,277 INR}

3.letter-$35{2,657 INR}




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